B.Sc. (Laval University, Biology); M.Sc. (University of Quebec, Oceanography); Dr.sc. (ETH Zürich, Environmental Sciences & Public Policy)

Academic background

Prior to joining Christ Church and the department of Earth Sciences, I studied Marine Biology, Biochemistry and Political Sciences at Laval University, Geological Oceanography at the Geotop Research Centre, and completed a doctoral thesis in Environmental Sciences at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich as well as a PhD program bridging Sciences & Policy at the University of Zürich.

My doctoral thesis looked at the biochemical and metabolic effects on hydrogen isotope composition of organic compounds in plants.

As postdoctoral researcher at the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ-Potsdam), I worked briefly at the understanding of the changes in aridity and precipitation patterns at the end of the last ice age across the European continent. Later, going back at ETH Zürich (this time at the Geological Institute), I was in charge of the Coccolithophore Culture Laboratory and was looking at the imprint of carbon concentrating mechanisms in phytoplankton organic and inorganic geochemistry.

Besides these extraordinary experiences, I visited several institutions, including laboratories at Durham University, the University of Plymouth and the French National Institute for Ocean Science (Ifremer).

Undergraduate teaching

I teach the Isotope-Ecology block course (ETH Zürich) and Topics in Oceanography and Cryosphere (University of Oxford, Earth Sciences). 

Research interests

In general, I work at extending our understanding of the roles of protists in the global Earth system; this constitutes the core of my current research program. I am fascinated by the interactions and feedbacks between the biosphere (including humankind and the issues of plastic & fossil fuel pollution) and the geosphere at different spatial and temporal scales in marine and terrestrial environments. The development of new tools such as those involving stable and radiogenic isotope measurements to investigate biogeochemical processes is fundamental to my research.

Featured publications

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