MA (Cambridge); MSt, DPhil (Oxford); PGCert Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Oxford)

Undergraduate teaching

At Christ Church, I teach Prelims Papers 1 (Introduction to Literature), 3 (Literatures in English 1830-1910) and 4 (Literatures in English 1910-Present), and FHS 7 (Dissertations). I have a particular interest in the teaching of writing.

Research interests

I work on writing from Britain, the Caribbean, and South Asia from 1800 onwards. Iā€™m interested in different prose forms ā€“ reportage; essays; short stories; sequences; novels; different forms of life writing ā€“ and in the interactions between them. Writers who have been particularly important to me include V.S. Naipaul, Penelope Fitzgerald, Giorgio Bassani, and Jibanananda Das.

Featured publications

V.S. Naipaul, Caribbean Writing, and Caribbean Thought (Oxford University Press, 2020).