BA; MA (Oxford); PhD

Academic background

I completed my first degree at the University of Leeds and moved to University College London for my doctorate. Much of my postgraduate career was spent as an academic exchange student at Moscow University. After finishing my PhD I returned to Leeds as a lecturer in the geography and Russian departments and came to Christ Church as the first woman Official Student in 1979.

Research interests

My interests lie in agrarian transformation in post-Soviet Russia and the geography of penality in Russia.

Featured publications

Books on Russian agriculture

* with T. Nefedova (2007) /Russia's unknown Agriculture: Household production in the post-Soviet countryside

* (1999) /Land Reform in Russia, 1906-1917: Peasant Responses to Stolypin's Project of Rural Transformation/. Oxford University Press.

*  (ed.) (1998) /Transforming Peasants: Society, State and the peasantry, 1861-1930/. Macmillan.

* **with Shaw, D.J.B. (1990) Landscape and Settlement in Romanov Russia. Oxford University Press.

Articles on penal geography

* ** (2007) 'Gde muzh, tam zhena' ('Where the husband is, so is the wife'): Space and gender in post-Soviet patterns of penality. Environment and Planning, A, 39.

* ** (2005) Russia's penal peripheries; Spaceå, Place and Penalty in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia, TIBG, 30: 98-112.

Other interests and activities

I enjoy travelling in Russia and horse riding.