BEng Automation (Mechatronics) (Beihang University, Beijing, 2019); Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy (Advance HE, 2021); DPhil candidate in Engineering Science (Oxford, ongoing)

Academic background

I'm completing my DPhil in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, before which I graduated from Beihang University, China, with a BEng in Automation. I specialized in both mechanical and electrical engineering during undergraduate and did my final year project on a capacitive tactile sensor. My current research focuses on novel origami structures and their robotic applications, including an origami gripper and a millipede-like crawler. 

Undergraduate teaching

I currently teach Structures & Mechanics (P3/A3) at Christ Church. I have been a graduate teaching assistant in the same subject at New College and used to demonstrate in 1st-year electronics lab and 2nd-year 3D printing lab. I'm also interested in teaching maths/electronics related components.

Research interests

I'm interested in the general design and development of novel origami structures, whose shape-changing behaviours are analysed through mathematical modelling. The applications of origami are wide and promising, including space, biomedical, acoustic, and architecture engineering, while my current focus mainly lies in robotics. Here is a publicly accessible video where I explain part of my research on origami, robotics, and 3D printing.