AB Economics and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures (Columbia University); MPhil Sociology (City University of New York); PhD Sociology (Columbia University)

Undergraduate teaching

I teach the first-year MSc and DPhil theory course at the Oxford Internet Institute, as well as seminars on digital health and digital labour. 

Research interests

I study innovation, the digital transformation of industries, and how new technologies impact work. I have published three books and over three dozen research articles on innovation and the impact of digital transformation, including field-based studies of the technology, digital health, and construction industries. My current research project examines the challenges of implementing new information and communication technologies at an industrial scale. 

Featured publications

Neff, G. and Nafus, D. (2016) Self-Tracking. MIT Press.

Barta, K. and Neff, G. (2016) Technologies for Sharing: lessons from Quantified Self about the political economy of platforms.

Information, Communication & Society.

Nagy, P. and Neff, G. (2015) Imagined Affordance: Reconstructing a Keyword for Communication Theory. Social Media + Society.

Fiore-Gartland, B. and Neff, G. (2015) Communication, mediation, and the expectations of data: Data valences across health and wellness communities. International Journal of Communication.

Neff, G. (2013). Why Big Data Won't Cure Us. Big Data.

Neff, G. (2012) Venture Labor. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Dossick, C.S. and Neff, G. (2011) Messy talk and clean technology: communication, problem-solving and collaboration using

Building Information Modelling. Engineering Project Organization Journal.

Other interests and activities

I enjoy swimming, gardening and cooking.