DPhil (Oxford)

Academic background

I was Official Student and Tutor in Politics at Christ Church from 1969 to 2009. 

Research interests

My research focuses on the politics and history of modern Germany.

Featured publications

‘Above Parties’: The political attitudes of the German Protestant Church Leadership 1918-1933 OUP, 1974 (German edn. 1977)
Gustav Stresemann: Weimar’s Greatest Statesman OUP, 2002; 2007 (German edn. 2006)
Germany and the Origins of the Second World War Palgrave, 2007

Edited Volumes
With Henning Tewes, Liberalism, Anti-Semitism and Democracy. Essays in Honour of Peter Pulzer OUP., 2001
With Jeremy Noakes and Peter Wende, Britain and Germany in Europe 1949-1990 OUP and the German Historical Institute, London, 2002
With Steven Casey, Mental Maps in the Era of Two World Wars Palgrave, 2008
Idem, Mental Maps in the Early Cold War Era, 1945-68 Palgrave, 2011
Idem, Mental Maps in the Era of Détente and the End of the Cold War 1968-91 Palgrave, 2015