Dr Katherine Lebow

Tutor in Modern History (Christ Church); Associate Professor (History Faculty)


B.A. (Yale University), M.A. and Ph.D. (Columbia University).

Academic Background

My previous academic positions were at the College of Charleston, the University of Virginia, and Newcastle University. I have held postdoctoral fellowships at the European University Institute (Florence) and FWF/Wiesenthal Institute (Vienna).

Undergraduate Teaching

Europe Divided, 1914-1989; The Global Twentieth Century, 1930-2003; General History IV 1815-1914; Politics, Culture, and Society in the Cold War; Revolutions of 1989; Disciplines of History.

Research Interests

Social and cultural history of 20th-century Poland in global context; everyday life under state socialism; autobiography and testimony, especially ‘everyman autobiographies’ ca. 1930-50; history of social science.

Publications include:

“The Polish Peasant on the Sugar Plantation: Bronisław Malinowski, Feliks Gross, and Józef Obrębski in the New World” (under review), and “Introduction,” in special issue: “Inventing the Global: East Central Europe and the Rise of Modern Social Science, 1914-1950,” Contemporary European History (publication expected 2018).

“Letter from Linz: An Archive Story,” S:I.M.O.N. - Shoah: Intervention. Methods. Documentation 4, 1 (2017): 4-20.

“Halina Krahelska’s Warsaw Chronicle (1941-1943): Documenting the Holocaust on the Other Side of the Wall.” In Als der Holocaust noch keinen Namen hatte. Zur frühen Aufarbeitung des NS-Massenmords an Jüdinnen und Juden/Before the Holocaust had its Name. Early Confrontations of the Nazi Mass Murder of the Jews, Regina Fritz, Béla Rásky, and Éva Kovács, eds., New Academic Press, 2016, 87-110.

“La voix et le regard : les régimes visuels des concours d’autobiographies polonais, 1930-1984,“ Critique internationale 68 (Jul.-Sept. 2015) – in special issue “Voir l’histoire : sources visuelles et écriture du regard”: 61-79.

“The Conscience of the Skin: Interwar Polish Memoir and Social Rights,” Humanity: An International Journal of Human Rights, Humanitarianism, and Development 3, 3 (2012): 297-319.

Unfinished Utopia: Nowa Huta, Stalinism, and Polish Society, 1949-56, Cornell University Press, 2013. 

For further publications see http://lebow.weebly.com/publications.html 


Gardening, yoga, community fruit harvesting.