Recycling Policy

Christ Church Recycling Scheme

Christ Church recognises the need to recycle as much waste as possible. The following guidelines apply to the recycling scheme:

1. Each room and office has two waste bins. A grey waste bin for general land fill waste and a green or blue bin for co-mingled recycling. Waste bins are emptied by the scout every day of the week, excluding Saturday and Sunday.  They should not be left outside room doors or in the corridor as they present a safety and fire hazard.

Items to be placed in the co-mingled recycling bins:

Newspapers and magazines

Paper (white and coloured)

Envelopes (including window envelopes)

Junk Mail

Brochures and catalogues


Books (including directories e.g. yellow pages)

Metal drinks cans

Plastic (bottles, cling film, sandwich packaging)

2. Glass bottles should be left by the side of the blue co-mingled recycling bin and will be removed daily by the scout.

3. A small battery recycling container is positioned near the entrance door to all staircases. These containers will be emptied periodically by the scout and will be delivered to the Porters Lodge at Tom Gate for collection.

4. Junior Members and staff members should not attempt to replace light bulbs. These will be replaced by the appropriate member of staff and will be recycled in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations.

5. If the co-mingled recycling bin is contaminated by landfill waste, the entire contents of the bin will go to landfill. It is not the duty of the scout to sort any recycled or landfill waste.