College Officers

The Dean - Head of House and Dean of the Cathedral

The Very Rev'd Professor Martyn Percy
Contact:, tel. 01865 276161

The Senior Censor

Professor Dirk Aarts
Contact:, tel. 01865  276157


The Junior Censor

Professor Kevin McGerty
Contact:, tel. 01865 286574


The Censor Theologiae

Canon Professor Sarah Foot
Contact:, tel. 01865 286323


The Treasurer

Mr. James Lawrie
Contact:, tel. 01865 276178


The Steward

Pauline Linieres-Hartley
Contact:, tel. 01865 286580


The Interim Director of Development

Philippa Roberts
Contact:, tel. 01865 286325


The Tutor for Admissions

Professor Edward Keene
Contact: tel. 01865 276181


The Tutor for Graduates

Dr Anna Clark
Contact:, tel. 01865 276158


The Librarian

Professor Mark Edwards
Contact, tel. 01865 276169

The Curator of Pictures

Professor Alex Vasudevan
Contact:, tel. 01865 276172