BA Honours (University of British Columbia); PhD (University of British Columbia)

Academic background

I joined Christ Church and the School of Geography and the Environment in January 2017 having previously taught at the University of Nottingham and Durham University. I have a BA (Hons, first class) and PhD from the University of British Columbia. I was the recipient of a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship in 2016. 

Undergraduate teaching

I teach the Human Geography core papers, and an option paper on New Approaches in Urban Geography.

Research interests

My research interests combine cultural and historical geography and urban studies with a commitment to experimental artistic practices and grassroots social activism. My work explores, in particular, the city as a site of political contestation drawing on a range of methods (archival, ethnographic and participatory). For the past 15 years, I have conducted extensive fieldwork in Germany (most notably in Berlin). More recently, I have worked across Europe as well as North America. 

I have published widely in major geography and other interdisciplinary journals. I am the author of The Autonomous City: A History of Urban Squatting, 2nd ed. (London: Verso, 2023; Spanish Edition with Alianza Editorial), Metropolitan Preoccupations: The Spatial Politics of Squatting in Berlin (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2015) and co-editor of Geographies of Forced Evictions: Dispossession, Violence, Insecurity (London: Palgrave).

My current research focuses on radical politics and precarious urban living. I am working on a project on the history of the anti-psychiatry movement. 

I am a member of the editorial collective at Environment and Planning D: Society and Space.

Featured publications


Vasudevan, A. (2023) La ciudad autónoma: Una historia de la okupación urbana. Madrid: Alianza Editorial. 

Vasudevan, A. (2023). The Autonomous City: A History of Urban Squatting, 2nd revised and expanded edition. London: Verso.

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Vasudevan, A. (2015). Metropolitan Preoccupations: The Spatial Politics of Squatting in Berlin. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

Journal articles

Vasudevan, A. and Burgum, S. (2023). "Critical Geographies of Occupation, Trespass and Squatting." City 27(3-4), pp. 347-359. 

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