Alexander Vasudevan to speak at Madrid Literary Festival Capitulo Uno

Dr Alexander Vasudevan, Associate Professor of Human Geography at Christ Church, is to speak at the Madrid Literary Festival, Capitulo Uno, this weekend.

Dr Vasudevan’s book, The Autonomous City: A History of Urban Squatting, has been translated into Spanish with Alianza Editorial.

The book, published in an updated English edition by Verso in January, is the first popular history of squatting as practised in Europe and North America.

Book covers (English / Spanish):  The Autonomous City by Alexander VausdevanDr Vasudevan retraces the struggle for housing in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Detroit, Hamburg, London, Madrid, Milan, New York, and Vancouver. He looks at the organisation of alternative forms of housing – from Copenhagen’s Freetown Christiana to the squats of the Lower East Side – and the official response, including the recent criminalisation of squatting, the brutal eviction of squatters and their widespread vilification.

Dr Alexander VasudevanDr Vasudevan will be in conversation with Dr Javier Gil, a researcher at the Sociology II Department: Social Structure (UNED), who is involved in a project entitled 'Generation Rent: Socioeconomic and political impacts of the changes in the Housing System in Spain after the Crisis of 2008' (financed by the Ministry for Universities and the European Unión – NextGenerationUE)