BA, PhD in Psychology

Academic background

I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate training at the University of Manchester, and have worked in a number of UK Universities since then including Liverpool, Sheffield, Leicester, and Brunel.

Undergraduate teaching

I lecture on social psychology, emotion, and research methods.

Research interests

My research focuses on the interpersonal effects and functions of emotions, including social referencing, emotion contagion, and interpersonal emotion regulation.

Featured publications

My published books include:

"Heart to heart: How your emotions affect other people” (2019)

“Ideas and realities of emotion” (1995) and “Emotion in social relations” (2005, co-authored with Agneta Fischer and Tony Manstead.

Sample journal articles include:

Parkinson, B., Simons, G., & Niven, K. (2016). Sharing concerns: Interpersonal worry regulation in romantic couples. Emotion, 16, 449-458.

Parkinson, B., & Manstead, A. S. R. (2015). Current emotion research in social psychology: Thinking about emotions and other people. Emotion Review, 7, 371-380.

Parkinson, B. (2014). How emotions affect other people. Emotion Researcher, August, at: http://emotionresearcher.com/2014/08/emotions-and-social-engagement/

Parkinson, B., Phiri, N., & Simons, G. (2012). Bursting with anxiety: Adult social referencing in an interpersonal Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART). Emotion, 12, 817-826.

Parkinson, B., & Simons, G. (2012). Worry spreads: Interpersonal transfer of problem-related anxiety. Cognition and Emotion, 26, 462-479.

Other interests and activities

I am a regular swimmer and enjoy taking photographs, listening to popular music and going to the movies.