BSc Mathematics and Computer Science (Open University of Israel); MSc Computer Science with focus on Machine Learning (University of Oxford); PhD Information Engineering (Machine Learning Group, University of Cambridge)

Academic background

Prior to my move to Oxford I was a Research Fellow in Computer Science at St Catharine's College at the University of Cambridge. I obtained my PhD from the Cambridge machine learning group, working with Prof Zoubin Ghahramani and funded by the Google Europe Doctoral Fellowship. Prior to that I studied at Oxford Computer Science department for a Master's degree under the supervision of Prof Phil Blunsom. Before my MSc I worked as a software engineer for 3 years at IDesia Biometrics developing code and UI for mobile platforms, and did my undergraduate in mathematics and computer science at the Open University in Israel.

Undergraduate teaching

I tutor undergraduates in Computer Science at Christ Church.

Research interests

Fields I have published work in include: Bayesian deep learning • deep learning • approximate Bayesian inference • Gaussian processes • Bayesian modelling • Bayesian non-parametrics • scalable MCMC • generative modelling. 
With applications including AI safety • ML interpretability • reinforcement learning • active learning • natural language processing • computer vision • medical analysis.