Professor Alexander Vasudevan

Official Student and Tutor in Geography; Associate Professor in Human Geography


BA Honours (Brit. Col.); PhD (Brit. Col)

Academic Background

Alex joined Christ Church and the School of Geography and the Environment in January 2017 having previously taught at the University of Nottingham and Durham University. Alex has a BA (Hons, first class) and PhD from the University of British Columbia. Alex was the recipient of a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship in 2016. 

Undergraduate Teaching

Human Geography core papers; New Approaches to Urban Geography.

Research Interests

Alex’s research interests combine cultural and historical geography and urban studies with a commitment to experimental artistic practices and grassroots social activism. His work explores, in particular, the city as a site of political contestation drawing on a range of methods (archival, ethnographic and participatory). For the past 15 years, Alex has conducted extensive fieldwork in Germany (most notably in Berlin). More recently, he has worked across Europe as well as North America. Alex has published widely in major geography and other interdisciplinary journals. He is the author of The Autonomous City: A History of Urban Squatting (London: Verso, 2017), Metropolitan Preoccupations: The Spatial Politics of Squatting in Berlin (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2015) and co-editor of Geographies of Forced Evictions: Dispossession, Violence, Insecurity (London: Palgrave).

Alex is a member of the editorial collective at Environment and Planning D: Society and Space.

Selected Publications


Vasudevan, A. (2017). The Autonomous City: A History of Urban Squatting. London: Verso.
Vasudevan, A, Brickell, K. and Fernandez Arrigoitia, M. (eds.) (2017). Geographies of Forced Eviction: Dispossession, Violence, Resistance. London: Palgrave MacMillan.

Vasudevan, A. (2015). Metropolitan Preoccupations: The Spatial Politics of Squatting in Berlin. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

Journal Articles

Vasudevan, A. (2017). “Squatting the City.” The Architectural Review 1442 July/August (2017), pp. 8-14.

Vasudevan, A., Ferreri, M. and Dawson, G. (2017). “Living Precariously: Property Guardianship and the Flexible City.” Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 42 (2), pp. 246-259.

Vasudevan, A. (2015). “The Autonomous City: Towards a Critical Geography of Occupation.” Progress in Human Geography 39(3), pp. 316-337.

Vasudevan, A. (2015). “The Makeshift City: Towards a Global Geography of Squatting.” Progress in Human Geography 39(3), pp. 338-359.

Vasudevan, A., Jeffrey, A. and McFarlane, C. (2012). “Rethinking Enclosure: Space, Subjectivity and the Commons.” Antipode 44(4), pp. 1247-1267.

Vasudevan, A. (2011). “Dramaturgies of Dissent: The Spatial Politics of Squatting in Berlin, 1968-“ Social and Cultural Geography 12(3), pp. 283-303.