Room Capacities

A review of rooms which are useable for a range of purposes including teaching and meetings has been carried out based on current Government guidelines about Social Distancing.

Please note, as guidance changes this list may also change, please check the listed rooms and their capacities before completing an Event Booking Application.

Below is a list of all available rooms, including the room dimensions, and the capacity assuming a 'theatre' layout, based on both 2 metre and 1 metre social distancing.

Room Dimensions


2 metre


1 metre

Sir Michael Dummett Lecture Theatre 6.5m x 16m 20 26  
Sir Michael Dummett Exhibition Space 6.5m x 10.5m 12 16  
Research Centre Meeting Area 15.6m x 7.8m 30 40  
Lecture Room 1 6.9m x 4.7m 8 10  
Lecture Room 2 8.4m x 5.6m 10 13  
Peck 9.2 5.62m x 5.62m 6 8  
Peck 9.3 6.42m x 5.41m 6 8  
Music Room 7.9m x 6.6m 8 10 To be booked via Steven Grahl or Florence Maskell only
Dodgson Room 9.0m x 5.1m 10 13  
Bayne Room 8.1m x 5.4m 7 9  
Keene Room 4.9m x 9.6m 6 8 Avoid lunch time and after 5 pm
Priory Room 7.8m x 6.5m 8 10  
Dean's Dining Room 8.9m x 6.9m 10 13  
Cathedral   100 135  
Gardens - Cathedral/Deanery/Masters   10   No shelter or lighting