Current and Forthcoming Exhibitions

Artists around Parma: Between Melancholy and Exuberance 
(Correggio, Parmigianino, Bertoia, Orsi) 

3 August - 18 November 2019

Parmigianino, 'A figure leaning towards right' (JBS 1090)The North-Italian city of Parma is home to one of the oldest universities in the world and is a renowned culinary centre. Its artistic school, however, remained provincial until it entered the European stage in the sixteenth century with two major artists: Correggio (1489-1534) and Parmigianino (1503-1540). They defined the ‘Parma School’ with its airy and sensuous style that also has a melancholic and foreboding quality. This dramatic duality became the precursor for the Baroque – a style that swept through Europe in the seventeenth century.


The exhibition will show 35 works from Christ Church’s own collection by artists from this school, including works by Correggio, Parmigianino, Anselmi, Bertoia and Orsi.











Drawing in Ink

7 December 2019 - 6 April 2020 

'Studies for the Adoration of the Kings', a drawing by Bartolommeo Passarotti














Following Leonardo: Two Madonnas Examined

12 December 2019 - 6 April 2020

'Madonna of the Cherries', a painting by the School of Leonardo da Vinci