Computer Science, Mathematics & Computer Science, Computer Science and Philosophy

Places at Christ Church: 4 Computer Science, 2 Mathematics and Computer Science, 2 Computer Science and Philosophy

The Mathematical Sciences portfolio at Christ Church includes Computer Science (CS), Mathematics and Computer Science (M&CS), and Computer Science and Philosophy (CSP).

Computers (hardware) and the algorithms that they execute (software) are now absolutely pivotal to modern life, and the study of both has strongly mathematical underpinnings. Either course is a wonderful preparation for a very wide range of challenging and interesting careers.

Both CS and MCS therefore emphasise the mathematical foundations of computer science, especially in the first year.  MCS is a degree in Mathematics with some in-depth knowledge of Computer Science (about 25-50% of the coursework, depending on the options taken).  Computer Science courses concentrate on the principles of computing, rather than current practice, which changes quickly (in any case, employers expect to give training in new equipment and software). Thus the emphasis is on software design, rather than specific programming languages, and on hardware design, rather than specific makes of hardware. Our students readily land good jobs in computing or related fields.

You will find many more details about the courses, and the entry requirements, at the Department of Computer Science and the Mathematical Institute.

Christ Church has just started to take undergraduates in CS and M&CS, the first intake having took place in October 2017. Professor Yarin Gal is the tutor in Computer Science. Professor Gal came to Oxford from Cambridge University in 2017 and is also affiliated with the Alan Turing Institute, which is the UK's national research centre in Data Sciences. His research interests include machine learning and game theory. Dr Irwin Zaid is the lecturer in Computer Science. He is also affiliated with the university's entrepreneurial centre the Oxford Foundry. His work is in applied machine learning and embedded systems, both of which tie into his own venture that is building a novel medical device.

Also affiliated with Christ Church is Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World-Wide Web; he holds a Professorial Research Fellowship in the Department of Computer Science and a similar position at Christ Church. There will shortly be a Junior Research Fellow and several graduate students in Computer Science, so now is the time to get into Computer Science at Christ Church at the ground floor!

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