Economics and Management

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Places at Christ Church: 3

If you want to learn both to think about the world and to operate effectively in it, Economics and Management is the degree for you – with a cocktail of conceptual and analytical rigour (economics) and ‘real world’ practical content allied to theory (management). If you are interested in how the economy and business works, and how people behave within businesses, then this is the degree for you. Come to Christ Church on an open day and find out.

Economics and Management graduates find placement on the one side as industrial managers, management consultants, chartered accountants, investment bankers or entrepreneurs, and on the other side as professional and academic economists, journalists, lawyers, and civil servants. No wonder, then, that, while this degree is much younger than you are, it is a very successful one. And as one of three students tutored by experts in management and economics you can't fail to have a rich educational experience.

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