Graduate study at Christ Church

College Advisor

As a graduate student, you will belong to an academic department or faculty which will provide your teaching and supervision.  However, the College will also play an important role in your academic studies.  At Christ Church you will be assigned a College Advisor who will be a senior member of the college working in a similar field to you. Your College Advisor will meet with you at least once a term to offer guidance and discuss your progress.  In addition to contact with senior members in College, through your college membership, you will also meet graduates working across a range of fields. This network will form an important feature in your broader intellectual development. 


For information on tuition fees and college fees as well as funding options, please see the fees section of the University graduate website.

Graduate Scholarships and Funding

The College provides various scholarships, to new students who are accepted by Christ Church for graduate study. All applicants who are offered a place at Christ Church are automatically considered for our college scholarships, if they are eligible. We also offer four Clarendon Scholarships each year in association with the University. Clarendon applications are dealt with by the Graduate Admissions and Funding Office at the University of Oxford.

Graduate dinnerFor general information about scholarships, please see the funding section of the University graduate website

The College supports postgraduate studies with grants for travel and conference expenses, and a book grant allowance.

Facilities and Events

Christ Church offers excellent facilities for its graduate students. Graduates have full access to the College Library as well as a separate Law Library. There is a Graduate Common Room situated in the main quad, which offers a sitting room, study room and computing facilities. 

The GCR holds regular social events including guest dinners (with a speaker), wine tastings, theatre visits and movie nights. Graduates play a full part in the wider social and sporting life of the College. There are art and music rooms on site and an excellent sports ground nearby. The boathouse is a short walk away across Christ Church Meadow. Graduates also have free access to the College Picture Gallery, which contains a collection of Old Master paintings and drawings of international importance.