Ready Set Code

Ready Set Code is a sustained engagement programme led by Oxford’s Computer Science Department and Christ Church. It consists of three online sessions, beginning in January and ending in March 2023, with an in-person graduation day at Christ Church, Oxford.

The online sessions will offer students in-depth investigations of topic areas outside of the school curriculum, combining theory with interactive exploration. We aim to help students explore the world of Computer Science and hope to inspire them to continue their engagement with the subject.

The final day of the programme will be an in-person graduation day held in Oxford. The participants will be invited to bring a parent/carer to accompany them on the day. Sessions designed to support students in their progression to university – for example, in supporting A Level choice – will also form part of the programme alongside the academic elements. There will also be a careers panel talk with Computer Science alumnae during the programme and a chance to meet current students.

Who is it for?

The programme is for Black and Mixed-Black women who:

  • are in Year 11 (Scottish S5 or NI Y12);
  • attend a UK state-funded school at the time of applying;
  • are academically strong; we would expect students to be on track to achieve at least 5 8s-9s at GCSE (if a pupil is close to this mark, some flexibility is possible at the discretion of the school representative)
  • have attained or are predicted to achieve an 8-9 in Maths GCSE;
  • are planning to take A Level Maths & Further Maths or the equivalent;
  • are enthusiastic about Mathematics and Computer Science.

Attendees will be required to attend all classes in the series and to complete the extra learning activities between the sessions.

UK State schools are invited to nominate up to four students per school. If several pupils match the criteria above, then it is up to the school representative to add any additional criteria to identify their top four candidates to attend the programme.

When and where?

For 2023 the majority of the programme will run digitally, after school, and students must have access to a computer, laptop or tablet and the internet, plus a microphone and speakers/headphones.

The programme will run as follows:

  • Session 1 online: Wednesday 11 January, Stream 1: 4pm - 5pm, or Stream 2: 5.15pm - 6.15pm
  • Session 2 online: Wednesday 1 February , Stream 1: 4pm – 5pm, or Stream 2: 5.15pm - 6.15pm
  • Session 3 online: Wednesday 1 March, Stream 1: 4pm - 5pm, or Stream 2: 5.15pm - 6.15pm
  • Graduation Day in person, in Oxford: Saturday 18 March 

You will be asked when you apply if you have a preference for which stream you would like to be in.

In order to attend the programme you must have been nominated by your teacher, accepted onto the programme, and have confirmed your attendance prior to joining the programme. Please see ‘How to apply’ below.

How to apply

Applications for the 2023 programme have now closed. 

More details

For more details please see and email if you have any questions.