Theology and Religion

Tutors and Lecturers: Prof. Mark Edwards

Places at Christ Church: 2

You don't have to be a budding priest to do Theology. The study of the Bible and the Christian tradition introduces you to one of the most important elements in world history, and will be of interest to anyone who wants to understand modern European or American thought and culture. For your first exams your options include Biblical study, the doctrine of creation in relation to modern science, the nature of religion, and the history of the early Church; in addition you will have to learn a language – usually Greek or Hebrew, though Arabic is also possible – unless you prefer to take philosophy. After these exams you can concentrate your studies on the Bible, or else on Christian doctrine, or on more general topics in world religion. In this last track it would be possible for you to do two papers on Judaism, Hinduism, Islam or Buddhism, as well as papers on the nature of religion, psychology of religion, sociology of religion, and philosophy of religion. Theology and Religion is clearly a very varied degree, and there must be more theology teachers per square inch in Oxford than at any other university in the world.

At Christ Church about half your studies would be supervised by the resident Theology tutor, and for the other half you would be taught by tutors at other colleges with long experience of teaching our students. Though the four Canon professors based at Christ Church do not teach undergraduates, there will be opportunities to meet them. Attendance at Cathedral services is not expected of students of Theology, but some find that it can serve as a reminder of the intimate connection between English culture and Christianity.

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