Cherwell Path

Cherwell PathBy 1578 the perimeter walk had been established along the west bank of the Cherwell, affording views across the Meadow and the river.  It was marked on Agas’ map of 1578 ‘Christ Church Medows and Walkes’.New bridge, Cherwell Path

Sketches and watercolours of this attractive winding path along the Cherwell in the late eighteenth century, show smooth grassy banks and picturesque groups of trees.

Descriptions of the nineteenth century admired large planes (one with a round seat) horse chestnuts and Zelkovas, and there are many records of planting in the nineteenth century.

Today views east over Long Meadow are restricted by the growth of trees and scrub along the banks, and to some extent views across the Meadow are obstructed by growth of alder, etc. in the boundary ditch.  There are still some fine mature trees with splendid Zelkova, planes and beech, and replacement plantings are underway to preserve the character of this walk.

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