Christ Church is delighted to be launching a special tenth anniversary edition of our annual Women in PPE Programme on Tuesday 28 May 2024.

What are we offering?

The day will include an introduction to Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at Oxford, taster sessions in each strand of the course, as well as an opportunity to ask questions to our PPE tutors directly. The participants will have a chance to meet students who study PPE at Oxford, have lunch in the Christ Church Hall, and go on a tour of the College. Participants are automatically eligible for our online admissions test workshops in the summer, interview workshops in Year 13, and accommodation at the September Open Day (if living far from Oxford).

The event will be free of charge and lunch will be provided. We would not want the cost of travelling to Oxford to prevent students from participating and are able to offer support with travel costs to UK students who have been in care, are young carers, have been eligible for free school meals, or who would otherwise be unable to attend.

Here is a provisional timetable for the day:

10.00–10.30 — Arrival at Christ Church and registration

10.30–11.00 — Welcome and Introduction to PPE at Oxford

11.00–11.15 — Q&A with tutors

11.15–12.00 — Q&A with current students and alumnae

12.00–1.00 — Lunch

1.00–1.45 — Academic taster session 1

1.45–2.30 — Academic taster session 2 

2.30–3.15 — Tour of Christ Church with current students

3.15–3.45 — Academic taster session 3 

3.45–4.00 — Closing remarks

In previous years, interactive lectures have been given on ‘Symbols in Politics’, ‘Democracy, War, and Peace’, and ‘Unemployment’.

Who is the event for?

We welcome applications from women in Year 12 (or equivalent) who are considering applying to study PPE at Oxford. If the event is oversubscribed we will be prioritising applications from students who attend state-maintained schools in the UK. Contextual information (e.g. whether students have been eligible for free school meals, if they have been in care or are young carers, if they are from an area of socio-economic disadvantage or low progression to higher education) will also be taken into account. 

Students are expected to attend unaccompanied if 16 or over; unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate adult supporters for the day.

How to apply?

Please apply here and send your application by 12:00 on Monday 22 April 2023.

We will be in touch with the result of your application by Monday 29 April.

If you have any questions about the day please do not hesitate to get in touch: