Investigating Quality and Safety and Intervention Design in Health Services (IQID) Course

9–13 December, 08:00–18:00
Workshop / Course
Christ Church

This course explores the "diagnosis" of healthcare delivery challenges, explains interventions as change processes, and supports participants to develop practical strategies for evaluation and intervention.

The course has been run with great success in December 2022 (Oxford), September 2023 (Oxford) and January 2024 (Hanoi). Oxford participants felt the course was 'excellent', 'constructive', 'thorough', 'challenging' and 'empowering', and that it 'generated transferable skills'. 

Participants in this year's course will develop their project ideas with course leaders Professor Mike English (covering Global Health and Implementation Science) and Professor Charles Vincent (covering Quality and Safety Science).

Academics participating in the Flourishing Africa Workshop