The Burn Law Library

The Burn Law Library has 3 rooms. The first contains textbooks,  journals, the self-issue machine and a student computer. The second (which is off the first) has shelves in rolling stacks and contains International Journals, Parliamentary debates (Commons and Lords) and the printer. The third room has law reports and statutes.

Access to the Burn Law Library 

Access to the library is controlled by your room fob which is issued to the students on their checking in day. Fobs are individually identifiable and must only be used by the individual to whom they are issued and not lent or exchanged.

The library is principally REFERENCE ONLY with 24/7 access. Textbooks which have multiple copies are borrowable however no journals should be removed from the library!


Finding your books

SOLO is the online catalogue for Oxford’s libraries. SOLO can be accessed by clicking here.  Learn how to navigate SOLO and filter down to Christ Church Library collections via this slightly more accessible version of instructions which are available here.

The library will  no longer be running a ‘Click & Collect’ service. This means that you can now browse the library shelves at leisure or find the item you require by checking SOLO. Sign into SOLO with your SSO. Search for the book you need, click Find & Request and choose Christ Church Library. Click the ‘Request’ button. If the book is already on loan a due date will be displayed. By sending a request you will be placed in a queue for that item, and once that returns you will be notified.

The undergraduate textbooks are all in the first room as you go in. These are arranged by subject using a shelfmark scheme of letter followed by numbers. Law reports and Statues are found in the second room. If you have any problems then the library staff are happy to come over and help you.

Borrowing, Renewals and Returns

Undergraduates can borrow up to 20 items for 2 weeks during term, or for a full vacation. Postgraduates can borrow a maximum of 40 items for 1 term or vacation. College staff may borrow books for a fortnight. Tutors can borrow for up to a year (all books will be due by the end of the 10th week of Trinity Term).

Vacation loans begin on Friday 6th week and last until Wednesday 1st week of the following term.

Books can be renewed up to 4 times at the self-service machine or by signing into SOLO. Please check your account regularly to avoid fines when the loans expire, and take care of the books while they are on loan to you. You can get in touch if you encounter any problems by emailing If we do not hear back from you about long overdue loans you will be battled the item’s replacement cost plus a £10 administrative fee. The same applies if you have lost a library item or an item has suffered considerable damage while in your custody.

If you require extended loans, or any other help due to a disability please write to Gabriel, our College Librarian in confidence. This will only apply to Christ Church Library: to request extended loans at the Bodleian Libraries please fill out their electronic forms

Books can be returned to the College Library anytime during our opening hours.

Please use the self-issue kiosk found in the entrance hall of the Library main building. Once items have been returned through the machine please place these in the space available underneath.

When returning items, please adhere to social distancing guidelines. In line with government and University guidance, you are expected to wear a face covering. Please sanitise your hands on entry to the Library building.

Book suggestions

If the library does not have a copy of a textbook on your reading list, if it is missing or if there are not enough copies of a set text then please suggest it for purchase. We encourage you to complete an online Book Purchase Request form.

Library computers, scanning and printing

A wireless multifunctional printer is available at the back of the first room in the Law Library. Also, in the main library building you can find a printer in the entrance hall. Job printers should be sent from a library PC or your own devices (phone, laptops). To print visit the link and login via your Single Sign On. Upload the documents you want to print then at the printer select 'Papercut' and tap your Bodleian library card on the sensor. Your documents will then appear and can be printed. You can print in mono, colour, single and double sided on A4 paper. 

Also, an additional printer can be found on the ground floor of Peckwater building, staircase 9.

The Burn Law Library lockers

Lockers are available to current law students of the House. These are situated in the Entrance Hall of the Burn Law Library. They are reserved on a term by term basis. Requests for a locker reservation can be made through any member of library staff, located in the Student Library, Peckwater Quad (during normal working hours 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday). Please request an appointment by sending an email to You will receive a key for the locker at the time you set up your reservation. The key to the locker can be returned, or your agreement can be renewed/extended, with the Library by Friday of 8th week of each term. ​ A deposit of £10 is charged (cost of replacement in case the key is lost), which will be reimbursed to you at the end of the period paid for. The library claims no responsibility for personal items left in lockers. We strongly recommend you do not leave items of value in your locker.

Locker policies

  • Strictly one locker per person. Do not to lend your locker key to anyone else.
  • Please note that lockers must not be used to store or reserve Christ Church law library books. 
  • Food, drinks and materials that could damage other readers’ property must not be stored in the lockers.
  • Items left in locker are removed the day after your agreed period ends, kept in the Main Library for a short period, then disposed of.
  • Library staff retain the right to access lockers as and when deemed necessary. Periodic inspections may take place.

Leaving your belongings in the Burn Law Library reading rooms

Members of the House are asked to collect all personal belongings when leaving the library. Nothing is to be left in the library at the end of your visit.

Library rules

  • Please don’t bring food into the library. Water is allowed in a sport bottle, and the library can provide you with a free Christ Church bottle. Please ask a member of staff in the main library for this.
  • Journals are not borrowable, however graduates and tutors can temporarily check-out up to 5 journals through the self issue machine to read in the 'Paine' graduate room. 
  • Mobile phones should be on silent, and phone calls taken outside the library.
  • Smoking is not permitted in or around the library.
  • Please do not let students who are reading other subjects use the Burn Law Library

Additional library rules in view of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • We expect and recommend that you wear a face mask, unless you are exempt.
  • Please scan the NHS Test and Trace or QR code displayed.
  • Please sanitise your hands before browsing the shelves and before and after using shared equipment such as the printer.
  • Please wipe down your workspace before and after use.