Useful Publications

E.G.W. Bill, Education at Christ Church, 1660-1800 (Oxford, 1988)

E.G.W. Bill and J.F.A. Mason, Christ Church and reform, 1850-1867 (Oxford, 1970)

C. Butler (ed.), Christ Church: a portrait of the House (London, 2006)

J. Curthoys, Cows and Curates: the story of the land and livings of Christ Church, Oxford (London, 2020)

J. Curthoys, The King’s Cathedral: the ancient heart of Christ Church, Oxford (London, 2019)

J. Curthoys, The stones of Christ Church: the story of the buildings of Christ Church, Oxford (2017).

J. Curthoys, The Cardinal's College: Christ Church, Chapter and verse (London, 2012)

N. Denholm-Young's Cartulary of the medieval archives of Christ Church (Oxford, 1931)

David Fletcher, The emergence of estate maps, Christ Church, Oxford 1600-1840 (Oxford, 1995)

Joseph Foster, Alumni Oxonienses, 1500-1714 (Oxford, 1891); Alumni Oxonienses, 1715-1886 (Oxford, 1888); Oxford Men, 1880-1892 (Oxford, 1893)

W.G. Hiscock, A Christ Church miscellany: new chapters on the architects, craftsmen, statuary, plate, bells, furniture, clocks, plays, the library, and other buildings (Oxford, 1946)


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