Our latest exhibition: Christ Church in early photographic postcards

Last month Christ Church Picture Gallery unveiled its latest exhibition: "Wish you were here!" The attraction of Christ Church in early photographic postcards, 1 July 2023 – 30 October 2023. The collection’s more than 70 postcards focus on Christ Church, with many mailed between 1899 and 1955. 

The written messages are glimpses into the everyday of long-ago lives.

Reverse of a postcard from Christ Church Picture Gallery's latest exhibition

As curator Jacqueline Thalmann explains, this collection provides a valuable and exciting record of social interaction and change through the years: 'The images are fascinating impressions of how things looked then, and the written messages are glimpses into the everyday of long-ago lives. 

A postcard depicting Christ Church from St Aldate's

'Most of them mention the weather, many are promises of longer letters to come and often communicate bits of information and personal observations. One reads, "Grandpa arrived safely about 1-30 p.m. […] coming back Tuesday in time for milking". Another with an image of the Christ Church kitchen informs the recipient that, "we visited the college and had a look in the kitchen and saw 5 (!) Sirloins being prepared".'

In celebration of postcards, each visitor to Christ Church Picture Gallery will be gifted a free postcard of their choice depicting an artwork from our impressive permanent art collection. Access to the permanent collection is of course provided to each gallery visitor.