Statement in response to media interest

In response to ongoing media speculation, Christ Church has issued the following statement.

Updated January 9, 2021

In response to ongoing media speculation, Christ Church has issued the following statement:
“Christ Church unequivocally condemns sexual harassment in any form. When a current member of Christ Church staff made an allegation of sexual harassment against a senior member in October 2020, we followed our formal internal processes. It is important that every member of our community has the right to come forward and make such a complaint.
“Christ Church, as an employer, a charity, and an educational institution, will always treat such an allegation with the utmost seriousness. There have been attempts to suggest that this allegation is connected to historic matters at Christ Church. There is no truth in this and to suggest otherwise is an insult to the victim.
“Christ Church appointed an independent investigator to look into this incident, to interview all relevant parties and witnesses, and to produce a report. Governing Body will now consider the report, and the advice of an independent QC, to decide whether an internal disciplinary process should follow to consider the allegation and decide upon any subsequent sanctions. Christ Church’s statutes state the form this process must take.
“We regret that any public statement is required at this stage, before a decision has been reached. However, since the complaint was made, there have been numerous attempts to identify, intimidate and gaslight the victim both directly and through the media. The victim showed great bravery in coming forward, and we have provided appropriate support in the face of the further harassment they have faced.
“Some, through the media, have also accused Christ Church of taking the allegation too seriously, claiming the matter should be disregarded or treated more leniently. We believe such suggestions are highly inappropriate, and would collude with cultures which aim to silence victims of sexual harassment.”

The Diocese of Oxford has also issued a new statement which can be found here.