Magistra Iuris (BA-MA programme, last year specialisation in EU law), University of Zagreb 2012 
LL.M. in European Intellectual Property Law, Stockholm University, 2014
Croatian Bar Exam, 2016
LL.D. in Private Law, Stockholm University 2021

Academic background

I am a Stockholm Research Fellow in law and a qualified Croatian lawyer with diverse professional experience working as a practising lawyer, academic, and legal consultant in projects involving harmonisation and codification of laws in the EU. My primary work interest is the harmonisation of laws in the EU for which I have participated in over 40 projects for the EU Commission. In my academic career, I have used this work experience to observe the harmonisation of intellectual property law in the EU for which I have written a monograph (doctoral thesis) and more than 30 scientific journal contributions

Research interests

My main area of research is the harmonisation and codification of laws in the EU. My book titled The Autonomous Legal Concept of Communication to the Public: Interpretation in EU Copyright Law discusses harmonisation in copyright – specifically in an online context. The bulk of my research revolves around creative industries and how digitalisation, legislation and the interpretation of that legislation influence them. I regularly attend conferences on intellectual property and EU law as a presenter and speaker. In the second half of 2023, I will be based in Oxford as an SCCL-Oxford Fellow. For a detailed list of my publications please visit DiVA.