Regius Professor of Divinity

Opening Date
Closing Date/Time
19 February 2024 – 12:00

The Regius Professor of Divinity is appointed to research, teach, and supervise in the areas of modern, contemporary, or systematic Christian theology. This professorial position is likely to be especially attractive to candidates who enjoy working in an interdisciplinary way and who value reflection on the place of their work within the larger field of Theology and Religion.

The Regius Professor will also hold a Cathedral canonry at Christ Church. The person appointed must be ordained either in the Church of England, or in an Episcopal Church in communion with the Church of England. See further below under ‘The Canonries of Christ Church’ for requirements.

For information regarding how to apply, please see the attached Further Particulars.

Vacancy details

Your salary will be determined after appropriate consultation. There is an annual ‘cost-of-living’ review. In addition, you will be eligible for consideration, in regular reviews, for Professorial Merit Pay.


If you would like to discuss this post, please contact the Faculty Board Chair for Theology & Religion, Professor William Wood (