Welfare Support in Christ Church

The welfare of students is taken seriously at Christ Church and there are many different people who are available for advice and support – all you have to do is ask.

Who do I go to for support?

We are aware that the situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic will have caused additional welfare and support needs. Please see the Welfare Flowchart for contact details of who to go to for support and other useful information. There is also useful information about mental health support here.  Information about the pandemic can be found here.

This link opens a text only accessible version of the JCR/GCR Welfare Handbook

This link opens a text only accessible version of the Diversity Calender

This link opens a text only accessible version of the Sexual Violence and Harassment Pamphlet

Clare Hayns

Welfare Co-ordinator and College Chaplain, Clare Hayns

Clare coordinates the welfare team and is available to all members of the college to discuss any matter in confidence, whether personal, academic, or spiritual. You can make an appointment by email: clare.hayns@chch.ox.ac.uk

Professor Brian Parkinson

Brian Parkinson

Brian Parkinson oversees college welfare and in particular deals with routine matters such as permission to be absent as well as non-academic discipline. Brian can be contacted on junior.censor@chch.ox.ac.uk

First Aid symbol

The College Nurse

The College Nurse is available to all members of the college each day by appointment only. Her hours are Mondays to Fridays, 9.30-4.30am
Killcanon 2, email: nurse@chch.ox.ac.uk


Helen Etty

The Academic Registrar, Helen Etty

The Academic Registrar, Helen Etty, and her team support students with concerns arising regarding exams, academic work, suspension of studies, and finances. She is the College’s Hardship Officer and can advise on the various sources of funding available to students such as the Financial Assistance Fund, the University Hardship Fund, and interest free loans. The Academic Registrar is also the Disability Coordinator (click for support for students with disabilities ). Email on  academic.registrar@chch.ox.ac.uk

The Senior Censor

Disabilities - The Disability Lead,  Senior Censor, Dirk Aarts

Christ Church wishes to ensure all students with disabilities thrive here and will make reasonable adjustments to make this possible, in line with the University’s ‘Common Framework for Supporting Disabled Students’. We advise students to contact the College and to let us know of any disabilities as early as possible before you start your studies, so that any reasonable adjustments can be put in place. See more about the support for students with disabilities offered by Christ Church and the wider university.



We have three Wardens who are graduate students who live on site and are available for out-of-hours support. They are Sanskriti Swarup, Declan Pang and Luke Young. They can be contacted via the Porters Lodge or via email:


Wanderley Santos

On-Site Counsellor, Wanderley Santos

Wanderley is our On-Site Counsellor and is able to offer counselling to students on Tuesdays. He will see people by appointment and you can contact him directly by email counsellor@chch.ox.ac.uk


University Counselling Service

The University Counselling Service is able to offer free counselling to students which is confidential and totally independent to the College. You can refer yourself via the website or by phone 01865 270300. The Counselling Service is located at 3 Worcester Street, Oxford. OX1 2BX (behind Gloucester Green). Their website has a great deal of helpful information about health, depression, eating disorders, exam stress and managing anxiety.


JCR and GCR Welfare Reps and Officers

The junior member common rooms elect welfare reps who are available for support and organise welfare related events and talks. You can see the JCR /GCR Welfare Handbook here

The current Welfare Reps are: JCR - Sam Fineman and Josita Kavitha Thirumalai and GCR - Kate Freisen, Saarrah Ray and Alexander Demby. They are joined by various others who have a specific remit to support students and currently the team consists of: Disabled Students Officer (JCR - TBC and GCR - Casey Rosso), Gender Equality Officer (JCR - Angelina Bicker and GCR - Saarrah Ray), Ethnic and Religious Minorities Officer (Indya Sawyerr and Mia Stephen), BAME Officer GCR (Ayman D'Souza). LGBTQ+ Welfare Officers (JCR - Joseph Lomax and Frederick Sweet), International Students Officer (TBC), Access Officer (Olivia Macfarlane and Lucas Colley), and Inreach Officer (Niamh Scott).


Peer Supporters

Peer Supporters are students who have received specific training and supervision to enable them to listen effectively, maintain confidentiality and provide support and guidance. They run a regular drop in ‘Late Night Tea Break’ and are always available for a chat. The Peer Support Coordinator is Alex Demby and the Peer Supporters are  Akshima Ghosh, Faris Faroozye, Hannah Selig, Esther Miles, Maya Baron and Kate Freisen (GCR). The 'Rainbow Peer' is Alex Demby,



Harassment Advisors

Christ Church takes all reports of harassment seriously and Harassment Advisors have been appointed to deal with rare cases of harassment and have been trained by the University and work in accordance with the Christ Church Harassment Policy . Students may consult them confidentially about any issues involving harassment, and advice may be sought from them without invoking a formal complaints procedure.

For student guidance on who to speak to regarding harassment, please see the Harassment Flowchart. 

University of Oxford guidance on harassment and bullying:  Harassment and Conflict | University of Oxford

The Harassment Advisors are: Clare Hayns (clare.hayns@chch.ox.ac.uk), Alex Vasudevan (alexander.vasudevan@chch.ox.ac.uk) and Jacqueline Knight (jacqueline.knight@chch.ox.ac.uk)



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Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service

If you have experienced sexual harassment and violence in any form, we are here for you - whoever you are, whatever has happened, and whenever it was. The Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service provides a safe space for you to be heard, with advisors offering free support and advice to any current student who has been impacted by sexual harassment or violence. All specialist caseworkers at the service are trained to support you at your pace, non-judgementally and in confidence. 

To arrange an appointment with a caseworker, please complete our online form or email: supportservice@admin.ox.ac.uk. You do not have to provide any information in your submission regarding what has happened.

Student Advice is the only independent advice and information service exclusively available to Oxford University Students. 


Advice on the Phone (term time only)

10.30am-12.30pm - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in term time

Call an advisor 07436225637 or 07436225630. We'll have an initial chat with you about what you need.


Oxford Nightline is a listening, support and information service run for and by students of Oxford and Oxford Brookes universities.

It aims to provide every student in Oxford with the opportunity to talk to someone in confidence. You can call every night 8pm-8am, 0th week to 9th week during Oxford term time.

Oxford Nightline - Oxford Nightline

Nightline offers support via phone, Skype or Instant Messenger