Admissions Tests

For most courses at Oxford, you need to sit an admissions test.

Check the specific requirements for your course

Photo of Sanskriti Swarup It’s true that the BMAT is very challenging, particularly the essay section, but it is also good preparation for university.

We are set essays every week here at Oxford. Just do your best and try not to worry if it doesn’t go to plan- it’s not the be-all end-all!

Sanskriti Swarup


There are fourteen admissions tests. Some, such as the History Admissions Test or ‘HAT’ are specific a single course, taken as single honours or joint honours. Others, such as the Thinking Skills Assessment, are admission requirements for a number of courses. Past and sample papers are available online, and it’s a good idea to work your way through some of the ones available for your course in preparation for the tests.

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Photo of Laura Wilson I prepared for my admissions test by working through the past papers available online.

Though the tests were unfamiliar and a little daunting, they were also an exciting challenge which introduced me to new aspects of my subject.

Laura Wilson