Choosing a Course

Subject and Course Information

The most important choice you will have to make is that of the degree course you wish to study for the next three or four years. Choosing the course which best suits your academic strengths, interests, and learning style is key to ensuring your university experience is a successful and fulfilling one.

A wide range of courses is available at Oxford, the vast majority of which are offered at Christ Church. All our courses are theoretical and challenging, initially providing a broad foundation in the subject area before allowing scope for specialization in the later years of study. The course content and structure do not vary from college to college, nor do the exams.

In the pages linked below our tutors provide you with an insight into the subjects and courses, together with a guide to the number of places available each year. The standard offer for all subjects is the same across all colleges: between AAA and A*A*A at A-level (depending on the subject applied for), 38-40 in the International Baccalaureate, or the equivalent high level of achievement in other suitable qualifications. You may be expected to have studied particular subjects at school or college to be eligible to apply for certain subjects, or may be required to submit written work or sit a written test as part of the process. Details of all such requirements are available on the University’s admissions pages:

Ancient and Modern History





Classical Archaeology and Ancient History (CAAH)

Classics and Modern Languages

Classics and Oriental Studies

Computer Science, Mathematics & Computer Science

Computer Science and Philosophy

Economics and Management



English and Modern Languages

Experimental Psychology

Fine Art



History and Modern Languages

History and Politics

History of Art

Law and Law with Law Studies in Europe


Mathematics and Philosophy

Mathematics and Statistics


Modern Languages

Modern Languages and Linguistics


Oriental Studies

Philosophy and Modern Languages

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

Philosophy and Theology


Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics (PPL)

Theology and Oriental Studies

Theology and Religion