Facilities: Libraries, IT, Music, Art, Sports


Our magnificent 18th-century library, one of the largest in Oxford, aims to supply everything undergraduates need for their courses. It is open from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. during term-time and 9 to 5.00 during vacations. There is also a specialised Law library that is open 24/7 via fob access (for Christ Church Law students only). For more information on the library, and on the historic collections of the Upper Library, visit the Christ Church Library webpages.


We have two well-equipped computer rooms, and there is wifi available throughout the college, details are available on the IT Facilities page.


Music plays a large part in the life of the College and is enjoyed on many different levels. In addition to the Cathedral Choir, there is also a more relaxed College Choir, open to both women and men. Concerts are given regularly in the Cathedral by a wide variety of performers from within the College and beyond, ranging from small chamber groups to full orchestras. The Music Society organises an extremely successful annual Music Festival. Those with more contemporary interests are invited to showcase their talents at the termly ‘open mic’ night. There is also a Music Room which all undergraduates are able to use. It is equipped with one of the College’s fine Steinway grand pianos.


Christ Church has its own Picture Gallery, with a collection that includes Renaissance and Baroque paintings, and drawings by artists such as Michelangelo and Filippino Lippi; temporary exhibitions are also held there. There is also an Art Room, with art classes for members of college including life-drawing sessions and print-making classes.

Every year Christ Church holds its own Arts Week, bringing together artists and performers from all over college and the wider university. Previous events during arts weeks have involved free classes in the Art Room, special lectures, Cathedral concerts and music recitals in the Picture Gallery.


The Christ Church sports ground is among the best in the University with excellent pitches and a friendly bar. It is a short distance from the College on Iffley Road, and members can now reach it via a shortcut as there is a bridge over the Cherwell from Christ Church Meadow. Members have access to two football pitches, two rugby pitches, a cricket pitch and new artificial cricket nets, grass tennis courts, and all year round there is a floodlit artificial fast tennis court and a Multi-User Games Area (MUGA; tennis, five aside football, netball, basketball, hockey).

Christ Church also has two excellent Squash courts inside St Aldates Quad.

Christ Church students currently enjoy free membership of the University’s Iffley Road Pulse Gym and Rosenblatt Swimming Pool.

Christ Church Boat Club is famous for its achievements in intercollegiate rowing competitions. Students looking for a more leisurely river outing have access to four punts and a rowing boat.

Everyone is welcome to participate at a level that suits his or her abilities. There are various intercollegiate competitions, but it is possible to get involved even if you are more enthusiastic and willing than highly skilled or experienced.

For more details about sports, see our page on Sports and Societies, and also see the JCR website.